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Mutual Fund Software for Distributors & IFA

According to the SEBI data of March 2013, the total ARN registered with AMFI was 52,000, among them 48,ooo were IFAs, only 18% MFDs of total ARN holders were active at that time, and if we believe in the rapid growth of mutual fund advisor in Mutual fund market then the data must be double or triple right now, it sure is makes the competition very high, and in this high competition, it becomes necessary for the MFDs and IFA to use the high-tech Mutual Fund Software, which is useful and beneficial for their advisory business.

Key Features

  • Multiple ARN Handling Manager : This software offers a feature to manage multiple ARN at the same time without visiting every branch, it works as the handling Manager for your business, also gives you a proper and complete vision of your extended advisory business.
  • Real time Goal Tracking: Real time Goal Tracking will map your customer’s precious goal with their existing investment, then it will show the shortfall and help them to cover this shortfall through their generated revenue from their investment in order to achieve their goal, along with this, it generates the consolidated “Business opportunity report” too and convert return oriented investors into goal oriented investor.
  • Bind clients with the love angle: Give your customer’s plan an emotional touch with attaching the photo of their family member on the page of their financial plan, and rank this particular goal as the priority goal among the other plans of them, through this bind your client with the love angle.
  • Time Saver: The Mutual Fund Software provides the best software, which is produced with the combination of the advanced technology to resolve your profession problem and save your time so that you can spend that time on the more productive task.
  • Reach through the Online Cloud: Nowadays, having online accessibility is the basic need which is every investor wants to have when they look for the service. With this software, you can fulfill the needs of investors and approach them through the online cloud.
mutual fund software

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