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4 Robo advisory solution that will impress your customers

Mutual Fund Software offers an intelligent robo-advisory platform for wealth managers that allows you to build sophisticated investment strategies.It provides an advisors unique insights about their clients & helps to build a strong relationship with your clients.

Why Robo Advisory App?

  • No human dependency : Flawless,seamless Investment process! Handle number of clients with very less employees
  • No Geographical limit :Client Onboarding process is same no matter where the client is ! All it takes is just 5 minutes to onboard whether the client is at your office or in Dubai or New York. After onboarding ,client can easily transact online.
  • 24*7 Business Hours : Now your business will not depend on your office hours.You will get online access 24*7 throughout the year without any holiday.
  • Compete with Big Brands :Redvision’s Robo Advisory Mobile app is powered by robust backoffice platform,you can achieve the better technology at comparatively very less amount of Investment .This makes you compete with Big brands.

Key Features of Robo App:

  • 100% Paperless Client onboarding
  • Instant Video KYC creation
  • Instant login creation on App
  • Start SIP immediately
  • All the process requires only 5 minutes
mutual fund software

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