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How under mutual fund software the advisor manages overall portfolio of investor?

A couple of years before, the investment process seem to be complex for the investors and advisors and also was not much popular like in the present era. The trading was considered to be the practice of only wealthy individuals but with the emerging technological changes and modern methods the perception of investment has been changed among individuals. Likewise for advisors dealing manually with each investor is difficult and maintaining paper based records seems to be worthless. Such issues generated the need of Mutual fund software having the potential to deal with every problem of the advisors and investors both.

Mutual Fund Software Module:

The mutual fund section assists in acquiring and analysing every single detail of the investor’s portfolio involving schemes within funds are invested, trends showing returns along with the entire assets managed by particular advisor. As the advisors are connected with multiple investors’ classification of portfolios can be easily done based on the funds invested within same scheme and supports the back office operations of the advisors. The current valuation of the entire portfolio can be accessed any time based on which the investment or withdrawal related decisions are formed. The Mutual fund software for Distributors is embedded with a feature to generate various reports and statements to provide a fair and transparent view of investment to the client.

USP’s of mutual fund section:

  • Assists in performing instant portfolio valuation for getting the status of investment.
  • Profit and loss analysis helps in ascertaining overall return on funds for particular period and also scenarios of non-withdrawal can also be shown to client.
  • Valuation report for a specified time can also be generated by opting Sensex graph or manual duration.
  • Details of particular client/family and invested scheme can be analyzed under the folio master.
  • Advisor can create categories for clients according to their location, investment amount, risk appetite, investment duration etc.
  • SIP related information can be acquired to know the status of active, expired, and soon to start SIP’s.
  • Advisor can identify the growth report of the assets under his management through AUM points shown on the dashboard.
  • The Online KYC facilitates the advisor to generate a link and share it with the client to complete the KYC process in a few clicks without donating the software access.
  • Advisor can also differentiate amid the clients having goal tracker and financial planning with the clients profile lacking them.
  • Portfolio re-balancing facilitates fixed time interval re-balancing and percentage change bases re-balancing of investor’s portfolio.
  • Advisor gets a facility to view all recent and past transactions of the clients.
  • Capital gains on redemption or on the current portfolio can be tracked.
  • Advisor can send monthly report to the clients for delivering investment status.
  • Audit report can be developed at the end of any financial year.
  • Distributor can assess any option available in software directly by searching it in the Search tab.
  • Brokerage, business and load free units reports are also generated in the software.
  • Various other reports like dividend, KYC, summary of accounts and many more are available.
  • Event Calendar provides past, present and upcoming events’ information at a glance.

Benefits of mutual fund module to advisors:

  • All relevant reports are easy to generate with single click.
  • Facilitate in making decision of redemption or additional investment.
  • Info graphic reports involving graph and charts shows the trend and output of investment.
  • The data is secured on cloud serves and are accessible from any device through valid authorization.
  • Financial planning and goal tracking processes for clients became convenient by Goal GPS.
  • Multiple investors are provided recommendation for investment at single click.

What benefits did investors get?

  • Availability of investment and withdrawal facility 24*7.
  • Returns generated on the funds can be determined through the summarized reports.
  • Funds monitoring is convenient and facilitates in trading.
  • Advisor care for the invested funds on his client’s behalf.
  • With effective strategy due to software help the portfolio of client improves.

The lack of feature give rises to various difficulties for advisors like:

  • No proper reports can be generated and tracking of funds would be difficult.
  • Calculation of gain or loss would not be easy and time consuming method.
  • Medium of interaction amid advisor and investors will get lapse.
  • Accounts and transaction statements could not be developed for analysis.
  • Business and client’s portfolio growth cannot be determined by the advisors.

The stated module in Mutual fund software is proving beneficial and worthy for both the advisors and clients and possessing the software has become mandatory for advisors to serve effectively to the clients along with maintaining long-term professional relations. Each form of the report has its different significance that contributes to high return on the investment. Also, the advisor's business is dependent based on which each client's report and summary can be shared with standard investment methods. The advisor collects and represents relevant information that stimulates the growth of self-business and investor funds. The financial status of any client can be improved when reasonable goals and planning patterns are adopted. The lack of such features restricts operations of advisory, which also impacts the quality of services delivered and hampers the growth of an investment. In order to compete with highly fluctuated market trends, an advisor is mandated to have Mutual fund software.

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